BubbleCup Credit Review, Discussion, Experience, Scam

It is a Czech non-banking company providing financial services. It is owned by the richest Czech Patrick Wellner. The company also deals with so-called installment purchases In 2015, the company expanded its activities to include short-term loans, which you can know under the name Samali. What is a BubbleCup Credit loan?

You can borrow from CZK 10,000 to CZK 250,000. The maturity is 12 to 48 months. Loan consolidation, credit card or car financing are also possible. The loan can be arranged by phone or online directly on the website. Additional services such as insurance are available with the loan. change in the number of installments or postponement of installments. You can get up to 20 installments for proper repayment.

What I have to meet

credit loan

  • two identity documents must be provided
  • age 18+
  • constant income

How to arrange a loan today?

Visit the company’s website, where you can use the calculator to calculate the loan. You set the amount and maturity. You will receive the exact offer as soon as you fill out the online form or apply for a loan by phone. If you like the offer, the contract is signed. This can be done in several ways: SMS signature (it is necessary to have an account in the finance manager – on the top right, you will log in). Another way to sign a contract is to send it to you by email, print it and sign it and send it back by mail. The last option is a courier or it will be mailed to you.

How do I repay the loan?

repay the loan?

You can pay the loan by bank transfer, postal order or at the Sazka terminal. Extraordinary installments can be sent, but operators must be informed.

BubbleCup Credit: Benefits

  • relatively low interest rate
  • possibility of insurance and additional services
  • 30 days to think
  • loan without guarantor
  • also suitable for foreigners


  • the register of debtors is checked
  • the loan is not suitable for the unemployed

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