Credit Card Vs. Credit Relationship

How to treat her so she doesn’t ruin you?

Do not get drunk

In a relationship: Occasionally, at the first meeting, the counterpart will totally enchant you. But where are you sure that it wasn’t just one big pretense on his part?

With credit card: Even a plastic card can quickly enchant. But don’t be tempted by the amazing offer created by the bank’s marketing department, and you better click your credit card. Thoroughly read the terms and conditions and focus your attention mainly on fees .

For example, verify that your bank does not offer the option of sending e-mail statements that, unlike paper statements, are free of charge. Also, see how much your company charges for ATM withdrawals.

Use, but do not abuse

In a relationship: Is your friend overly kind? Appreciate and thank you when it brings you a rose or a small gift. But don’t get used to it and ask for more and more. He could easily get angry.

With credit card: Even credit card is nice. Usually with it you get a discount on selected sellers, contribute to life or pension insurance, etc. This will save you hundreds to thousands of crowns a month – from that you have a credit card.

But be careful not to be carried away by unnecessary spending on things you don’t need. Keep in mind that this is your money – you have to return it to the bank in about a month. And then you may realize that those cool shoes with a 10% discount for three thousand were actually not needed at all.

Do not provoke it too much

credit problem

In a relationship , every woman and man has a threshold of patience.

It is exactly the same with a credit card .

If, instead of the entire amount owed, you are repaying the minimum payment indefinitely, sooner or later you will not have it. The bank will then salt you greasy interest and you will not be surprised.

Credit cards allow interest-free loans usually for 45-55 days . If possible, try to repay the entire debt at that time and start over again. It’s so sure.

Be rational

In a relationship: The social dictation of today is forcing many people to remain in dysfunctional relationships. Just to have someone and not to be alone. As if the life of a single was not good enough or full-fledged.

With credit card: It is not written anywhere that you must have a credit card. Sure – if you feel like a fish in the water market and have enough reserve in your bank account, then we recommend a credit card.

However, if you are scared with money and you can easily be persuaded to spend it, do not buy it. Your finances could be totally out of control .

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