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Happycredit is a relatively young company that provides non-bank loans in the Czech Republic from CZK 500 to CZK 60,000 with a maturity of up to 12 months. The company has been lending since 2014. This year it offers many innovations. Let’s look at them.

What do I have to meet?

  • age 18+
  • constant income

Non – cash loan

Classic loan on account, immediately on the site you can see the approximate calculation. Then fill out the form and the money is within 60 minutes on your account. This loan is suitable if you are attacked by unexpected expenses that you have to deal with immediately.

This is a novelty, we can ask for up to 60 000 CZK. The maturity is 3,6,9 or 12 months. The lowest APRC is 102.66% and the highest 191.39%. We recommend to repay on time you get the lower APR.

Cash loan Credit 30 with a choice of petrol stations

Cash loan Credit 30 with a choice of petrol stations

Happycredit can take pride in picking up money at EROil petrol stations across the Czech Republic. This will be appreciated by those who prefer cash or do not have their own bank account. EROil has more than 190 gas stations so you shouldn’t have to make any cash withdrawal.

You can apply for a cash loan directly on the website or on the customer line. Then just visit the nearest EROil petrol station and the money is yours. The big advantage is that you can earn money even at the weekend! The disadvantage is that you can only get the amount up to CZK 4,900

What is a rechargeable card?

What is a rechargeable card?

This is an anonymous credit card that is not linked to your bank account for extra security. It can be purchased in almost every newsagent for about 69 CZK.The functions are the same as for a conventional credit card. Of course there is a selection of ATMs

Happycredit will transfer up to CZK 30,000 for this card for 30 days.

Refinancing loans

Refinancing loans

A new feature is refinancing non-banking products. Many innovations make this fast non-bank loan a strong player in the market. Unfortunately, these loans are still very expensive.

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